I spent two busy months at Oscar Healthcare helping them launch two campaigns and their first Oscar Center in downtown Brooklyn.

It was an interesting time for Oscar and healthcare in general as The Affordable Care Act came under fire and America begain to think critically about our healthcare system. With this in mind, Oscar wanted to move away from the cute illustrated characters they were known for and reflect a more grown-up quality that members could feel confident choosing. This shift in tone raised many questions about how the brand should express itself long term. The work we did during this time laid the groundwork for where they are today.

The work was noticed by Wired and many others.



The Oscar Center houses a full-service primary care practice for Oscar members. It is also a community center with free events and classes range from yoga to nutrition seminars to anxiety workshops. It was an opportunity to express the evolving brand in a physical space. The goal was to make the space and experience feel welcoming and simple, with a bit of that Oscar wit sprinkled in.

We worked with the architects during the build out phase to find opportunities for the brand to shine through.




The Real Talk Campaign blanked transit systems in a number of cities and featured concerning facts about the state of the US healthcare system and the effect is has on people. This straightforward campaign was a bold step away from the marketing work Oscar was known for. It signaled recommitment to fixing a broken healthcare system. 



For open enrollment we wanted to create a campaign that showed how easy and intuitive Oscar is and how it stands apart from more traditional insurance companies. The campaign ran in many cities around the country.



My role: Design

Creative Direction: Josh Long

Copywriting and creative direction: Billy Leyhe

Design and Direction: Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch

Direction: Sara Rowghani

Design: Dan Lee

Additional support from output.site