Back in 2013 I was part of a small team of designers and developers building a platform first called course kit then rebranded as Lore. As one of the first designer at Lore and had the opportunity to contribute a lot to the product and brand. I worked under Aaron Carámbrula our creative director, and Katie Koch our UX lead. I worked along side design by Colin Dun for much of my time at Lore.

Same mission, new name.

One of my first challenges was helping to rebrand Lore. Aaron Carámbrula and I developed a a new logo and identity for Lore.The result was something we felt fit nicely into the academic environment while standing out with a bold simplicity.


Reintroducing ourselves.

After renaming and re branding we needed to communicate to our current why we rebranded and what the newname meant to us. We decided to tell the story through a scrolling micro-site that explains what we had learned so far as well and where we wanted to take the product.

User Profiles

Each Lore member gets a customized profile  that allows students to highlight their achievements as well as express their aspirations. The profiles could be edited in line, allowing users to see the changes they were making as they edited.


Course Pages

Each course on Lore has a number of tools to give teachers everything they need to bring their course to life. The course timeline provides a space where students can openly discuss topic, post assignments, and find course updates. 

Each course has a library a allows teachers to collect and collect and share any type of media directly from the web.

The people page and grade book page make teachers lives easier and allows 


The Dashboard

Every student on lore is given a dashboard where they can monitor the activity in their courses. It is the first thing they see when logging in onto Lore and informs them about upcoming deadlines and developments in their courses.

Marketing Sites

In Addition to product and branding, I also helped design many marketing sites that were created to speak to people in specific fields. 


The voice of the brand

In addition to helping design the product I did many marketing materials wile working at Lore and helped to create the eclectic voice of the brand through illustration and other materials.


My role: Design
Design: Colin Dunn
Creative Direction: Aaron Carámbula
UX: Katie Koch