Various Illustrations


Illustrations for a talk to incoming students at the Society of Illustrators.

Identity and visuals for Creative Lab's 2016 hackathon.

I designed this large neon piece for Google Creative Lab's newly renovated office space.

I designed a number of elements for a video for Becca PR

Yule Log 2015 Submission. Animation by Seth Hulet

Yule Log 2014. Animation by Seth Hulet

Press illustration for Google's Alpha Go. Made with Simone Noronha.

Illustrations for the Errol Morris book Wilderness of Error.

Illustrations for an AIGA NY talk me and few other folks from Creative Lab gave to a packed house at Parsons.

Hello World posters for the relaunch of the Google Maps app.

City Cube. My Cube Lab contribution 

No Stress Life Swag - ✌

Illustrations for the Haitian Chocolate Project packaging.

Posters and album artwork for the band Sirs & Madams.

Little illustration for my special lady.