Unreleased Google Projects

Part of working for a large company is making work that might not see the light of day. While working at Google Creative Lab I have worked on many projects that have had far reaching impact within the company but may never be seen by the general public.


Google Life Sciences

We worked with Google Life Sciences, now known as Verily, on a number of projects including The Baseline Study which will be studying data from over 10,000 participants over the course of their lifetime in order to better understand diseases and our bodies in general. I worked on branding and interfaces for the participants and researchers. 

Future of VR

Daydream is Google's forthcoming mobile virtual reality platform. I worked on branding and positioning.

Families & Kids

I helped design a suite of Google apps and experiences for families and kids. I also helped develop a platform for families to share media and create parental controls. I also worked on marketing and branding.


The Future of Android

Creative Lab was asked to explore what the future of Android might be. We explored ways of thinking about the brand that could user it into the premium category. Many of the ideas we explored have been included in the current Android offering.